Mr Curry
Welcome to Mr. Curry's Industrial Technology Page

About Mr. Curry:
This is my second year teaching at Danville High School.  I served a 4-year apprenticeship program as a Tool and Die making machinist in Pennsylvania. I worked in industry for many years as a manufacturing engineer and ran a small machine tool manufacturing company in Philadelphia, Pa. before moving back to my home town of Monticello, Illinois.

I have taught high school, college, and adult training classes throughout my career. I enjoy making things and love to explore the science, technology, engineering and math behind the objects that we use everyday.

Daily Schedule:
Period Regular Schedule
Class Taught
1st hr
  7:25-8:15 Intro to Careers in Industrial Technology
2nd hr
  8:20-9:10 Prep
3rd hr
  9:15-10:05 Intro to Careers in Industrial Technology
4th hr
10:10-11:00 Building & Construction
Advanced Building & Construction.
5th hr
11:00-12:35 Prep
6th hr
12:40-1:30 Building & Construction
Advanced Bldg & Construction
7th hr
  1:35-2:25 PLTW-Principles of Engineering
8th hr
  2:30-3:00 Seminar