NCAA Eligibility Center 2016
Posted on 10/11/2016
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Athletic scholarships can be an important resource to help students to help pay for college.

We use three tools to help our students.

  1. The first piece is the CoreCourseGPA class tracker.  We use this to make sure our student have the classes they need for consideration.
    This is not the NCAA Eligibility Center (clearinghouse) it is a tracking tool students use to manage their own course history and ensure they are meeting NCAA requirements.


  2. The second and most critical part is the NCAA Eligibility Center formerly known as the “Clearinghouse”

    Students who wish to be a part of the NCAA selection process must register with the NCAA Eligibility Center on their own. 
    Danville High School does not have any input with it comes to NCAA selection.  Students must complete all NCAA requirements and ensure that they are meeting the NCAA standards for consideration.


  3. The final resource is a webinar about the recruiting process.