Attendance Office

Please Call 444-1680 for all day absences
Please Call 444-1516 for early dismissals and late students

Contact Ms. Spillmanwith questions.

Pre- Arranged Absence Form (pdf)



1. Phone Numbers: 444-1680/444-1516

2. Calls must be made by parent/guardian and include the name of student, the grade level of the student, and the reason for the absence.

3. Calls must be made to the phone numbers listed above.

4. Calls must be made on the day of the absence or within 48 hours of the student's return to school. We would prefer a call each day in the event of a multiple day absence. If your child misses three or more consecutives days.

5. If the student needs to be absent for a valid cause outside of illness, the absence must be pre-approved. A pre-arranged absence form can be picked up in the Principal's Office, room 118. After required signatures are complete, final approval must be given Mrs. Betsy Porter, Assistant Principal, room 239.

6. Absences for illness of more than three consecutive or non-consecutive days may require medical verification specifying date(s) student was medically unable to attend.

7. When a student is given a dismissal for medical reasons or court appointments, a written verification is requested to be brought to the Dean's Office, Room 125, when the student returns.

8. If a student leaves school without a dismissal, the absence will be unexcused.

9. Please check in the agenda book or Article XIV in the Ownership in Education handbook for clarification of what constitutes excused and unexcused absences.