Danville High School Clubs/Organizations

Danville High School is home to many different types of Clubs and Organizations. Each student has numerous opportunities to find a club or organization full of students with like interests. Select one of the categories to the left for more information about our offerings.

DHS - Advocates Advisor 
Hile, Kara N DHS - Advocates Advisor
Robinson, Chelsea L DHS - Advocates Advisor
Merriott, Timothy S. DHS - Archery
Luke, Robert J DHS - Athletic Director
Hile, Daniel R DHS - Athletic Equip Mgr
Hemker, Dale L. DHS - Athletic Trainer Boys
Hemker, Dale L. DHS - Athletic Trainer Girls  
Nunes, Kelsey L DHS - AVID  
Crawford, Christopher, M DHS - Band Performance - Asst  
Krapf, Ryan K DHS - Band Performance  
Neubauer, John M DHS - Band Performance  
Desmond, Geoffrey C DHS - Baseball Coach  
Bacys, Mark DHS - Basketball Asst Boys  
Dokey, Michael E DHS - Basketball Asst Boys  
Stimac, Troy A DHS - Basketball Asst Boys  
Watson, Glennie DHS - Basketball Asst Boys  
Beard Sha'Donna S DHS - Basketball Asst Girls  
Hughes, Gregory DHS - Basketball Asst Girls  
Parker, Maria, B DHS - Basketball Asst Girls  
Houpt, Edward (Ted), B. DHS - Basketball Coach Boys  
Anderson, Brian D DHS - Basketball Coach Girls  
Strader, Carley DHS - Cheerleading Asst  
Jachimiec, Matthew J. DHS - Chess Club Coach  
Gleason, Nathaniel J DHS - Computer Club  
Hosch, Debi DHS - Cross Country Asst  
Orvis, Todd A DHS - Cross Country Coach  
Hile, Daniel, R DHS - Division Leader - Applied Tech  
Bacys, Mark DHS - Division Leader - Freshman House  
Alcantara, Liana DHS - Drama Club Asst  
Mercer, Mark R DHS - Drama Club Asst  
Alcantara, Liana DHS - Drama Club Coach  
Mercer, Mark R DHS - Drama Club Coach  
Critser, Gary R DHS - Drill Team  
Irle, Laura L. DHS - Fine Arts Club  
Anderson, Brian D DHS - Football Asst Coach  
Arnholt, Tyler J DHS - Football Asst Coach  
Forrest, Marcus DHS - Football Asst Coach  
Hile, Daniel R DHS - Football Asst Coach  
Long, Carl R DHS - Football Asst Coach  
Luke, Steven F DHS - Football Asst Coach  
Pendleton, John DHS - Football Asst Coach  
Thomas, Mitchell K. DHS - Football Asst Coach  
Luke, Robert J DHS - Football Coach  
Disabato, Abigail M.  DHS - Freshman Class Adv  
Springer, Brett A. DHS - Golf Coach  
Berkes, Suzanne M DHS - Hispanic Club  
Juarez, Martha P DHS - Hispanic Club  
Brown, Rachel A DHS - Honor Society  
Carey, Amre R DHS - Junior Class Adv  
Hile, Kara N DHS - Junior Class Adv  
Willer, Kurt J DHS - Library Club  
Houpt, Edward (Ted), B. DHS - Local History Club  
Disabato, Abigail M. DHS - Mar&White Bus Staff Adv  
Disabato, Abigail M. DHS - Mar&White Cub Staff  
Disabato, Abigail M. DHS - Maroon & White Adv  
Disabato, Abigail M.  DHS - Medley Advisor  
Disabato, Abigail M. DHS - Medley Bus Staff Adv  
Megginson-Dicken, Caitlin M DHS - Medley Bus Staff Adv  
Disabato, Abigail M  DHS - Medley Club Staff  
Crawford, Christopher, M DHS - Orchestra Perf  
Carey, Amre R DHS - Pompettes Coach  
Woods, Lori A DHS - Problem Solving Club  
Hile, Kara N DHS - Radio/TV Staff Adv  
Hile, Daniel R DHS - Scholastic Bowl Coach  
Fitzgerald, Lisa A DHS - Science Club  
Carey, Amre R DHS - Senior Class Adv  
Hile, Kara N DHS - Senior Class Adv  
Nock, Daniel DHS - Soccer Asst Boys  
March, Megan F DHS - Soccer Asst Girls  
Griffin, Chris DHS - Soccer Coach Boys  
Gremar, Katie A DHS - Soccer Coach Girls  
Pullin, Corey S DHS - Softball Coach  
Megginson-Dicken, Caitlin DHS - Sophomore Class Adv  
Alcantara, Liana DHS - Speech Club Adv  
Lester, Taylor M DHS - Speech Club Asst  
Carey, Amre R DHS - Student Council Adv  
Hile, Kara N DHS - Student Council Adv  
Meeker, Mindy DHS - Swim Asst Boys  
Heeren, Mary Jo DHS - Swim Asst Girls  
Davis, Jeffrey A DHS - Swim Coach Boys  
Burleson, Marcie, E DHS - Swim Coach Girls  
Covey, David B DHS - Tennis Asst Girls  
Bacys,Mark DHS - Tennis Coach Girls  
Dryer, Christopher E DHS - Track Asst Boys  
Orvis, Todd A DHS - Track Asst Boys  
Long, Carl R DHS - Track Asst Girls  
Luke, Steven F DHS - Track Coach Boys  
Luke, Robert J DHS - Track Coach Girls  
Mercer, Mark R DHS - Vocal Contemporaires  
Bryant, Merrisha DHS - Volleyball Asst  
Robinson, Chelsea L DHS - Volleyball Coach  
Delzell, Carly DHS - We Can Do Anything Club  
Hile, Kara N DHS - We Can Do Anything Club  
Luke, Robert J DHS - Weight Room - 1st Semester  
Anderson, Brian D DHS - Weight Room - 2nd Semester  
Stimac, Jeremy L DHS - Wrestling Asst  
Tetter Terrence L. DHS - Wrestling Coach  
Hafner, Katherine S. DHS - WYSE