Danville High School Special Education Division

Welcome to the Special Education Division!

Kayla Overstreet-Division Leader
Email: OverstreetK@danville118.org

Special Education Department
The Special Education Department is committed to serving our students with special needs. If you have any questions or concerns please contact your child's teacher or Ms Burnett, our department chair.

Co-Taught Classes:   Danville High School offers Co-Taught classes for English and Math.   Classes are taught in the General Education Classroom through collaboration with the General Education and Special Education Teacher.   A Resource Class is also offered to provide support to students in their Deficit Areas that are taking General Education or Co-Taught Classes. 


Self-Contained Classes:   Self Contained classes are offered to students in Special Education with more significant needs in the core curriculum areas of English, Math, Science and Social Studies.   These classes offer a smaller class size, taught by a Special Education Teacher.   They are aligned to the General Education Curriculum and Standards

Freshman English Foundations 901
Sophomore English Structures 902
Junior Literature 908
Advanced Composition 899
Minority Literature 919
Transitional Math 903
Algebra 1-2 916
Geometry 915
Advanced Math Topics 953
Physical Science 906
Biological Science 905
Earth Science 954 (1 Semester Class)
World History 907
US History 913
Government  911
Consumer Education 909
Heath 912
Related STEP 875
STEP Work 876
Hearing Impaired Resource

Educational and Life Skills Classes:  Offered to meet the needs of students with mild, moderate and severe disabilities to teach functional life skills and core curriculum areas.  These classes are self-contained with a smaller class size. 

Fundamental Reading 928
Essential Reading 926
Life Skills English 1  927
Life Skills English 2  924
Math 1  932
Math 2  933
Math 3  934
Science 1  938
Science 2  938
US History 1  929
US History 2  930
Geography 935
Illinois History 931
Consumer Education 870
Health 946
Foods 1 947
Foods 2 948
Government 936
Independent Family Living 9511
Vocational Education 1 878
Vocational Education 2 879
Careers 952
Social Skills 937
Information Technology 877
Related STEP 875
STEP Work 876
Community Based Education 1 878
Community Based Education 2 879

Transition:  Bridging the GAP
The attached manual was developed to provide information about Vermilion County Services for persons who have disabilities.  It includes a timeline that lists what students from age 14 to age 22 should be doing each year to successfully transition to adulthood.  There are descriptions of the agencies and services.  If you have any questions about the manual or the services contained in it, please contact the Danville High School Special Education Coordinator at  (217) 444-1514 or the service provider directly.
Thank you for using this resource to plan for the transition needs for your students.

Click Here to go to our document library to download the Bridging The Gap manual as a pdf.