Welding 2015Welcome to Viking Welding! I am very proud of our state of the art welding facility. I am also very proud of the students that come through Danville High

School and choose to spend part of their high school days learning a skill that could potentially lead to a very lucrative career.

Our shop is well equipped with industry standard machinery. Which includes, auto-dark helmets, and digital read out welding machines.

Students can receive instruction on three levels. Beginning with nine week introductory segment leading to a intermediate level course and finishing at the advanced level. The advanced level course is dual credit with DACC and carries four college credits.

There will be a need for 250,000 new welders by the year 2020. Several former students have acquired good paying jobs directly out of high school.

I encourage students to consider the skill trades as a career. There are apprenticeships available to those who qualify. Apprentices are paid well while they receive on the job training. 

Give a person a fish

And you’ll feed them for a day

Teach a person to weld

And they can feed themselves

For a lifetime.

Thank you,
James A. Humrichous

Welding Instructor

Danville High School